Health Insurance Qualifying Event

Health Insurance Qualifying Event-Description

During having a health insurance there may be some life changing events that may affect your insurance. It is later known as a health insurance qualifying event. The event may cause you to quit or change your health insurance. However, those acts are arranged by several policies. A shortcut to the policies is qualifying insurance. The description and implication of qualifying life event are presented below.

What Are The Health Insurance Qualifying Events?

Basically, the official time to enroll or change insurance falls on the Open Enrolment Period. Yet, health insurance qualifying event enable the insured to change or quit out of the official time. In changing, the insureds are given a period that functions almost similar to the official one, the period lasts for sixty days.

During the time the insureds are required to go to the health insurance marketplace to find and process the desired action and policy. The events, in general, include changes in the household, loss of coverage, change in residence and some minor others. In more details, these are the concrete and real events and activities of several points mentioned before.

Changes in the household:

  1. Death
  2. Having a child that includes delivering a baby, being placed of a foster child, adopting a child
  3. Got married
  4. Legally divorced or separated that cause losing health insurance

Loss of coverage:

  1. Losing the job that functions as the main coverage or where the insurance comes from
  2. Losing eligibility from the insurance due to certain circumstances
  3. Losing coverage due to a family member
  4. Changing income that affects the subsidy eligibility
  5. Increasing income that put you in a different coverage gap

Change in residence:

  1. Moving from or to a transitional housing or shelter
  2. Moving to a foreign country or territory
  3. Moving to a new place with new or different ZIP code
  4. Morking as a seasonal worker that move regularly both living and working place
  5. Attending a different school that require moving the living place


  1. Becoming a newly citizen
  2. Receiving a new member of a federally recognized status or tribe
  3. Leaving incarceration
  4. A problem or error in the previous enrolment caused by HHS, enrolment assister, or exchange

What is a special period?

As what already stated before, once you have one of the mentioned events, you will have the special period in which you can enroll, quit, or change your health insurance. During the sixty days, you are suggested to contact the insurance company to check your eligibility and provide some proofs of the event. When you need to enroll, during this special period you are eligible to enroll anywhere near your area.

To consider it, you may compare the health insurance quotes to first quote health in generating the finest decision. In addition, to quit a health insurance actually, you do not need any qualifying event. You could quit at any time. As the policies could change over time, checking the detail health insurance qualifying event from official sources is highly suggested.

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