List of Insurance Companies for Abroad Travelers

List of Insurance Companies In The World

To find the best insurance company, it is important to get the list of insurance companies as your reference. This article is trying to help you to find the best insurance company. The list below is the insurance company you can consider. Just learn the detail and decide the best one.  

Travelex Insurance Company

As a person who really cares about your family, you must use an insurance company which also concerns the family. In this case, you may choose to use the plans offered by Travelex. In specific, the company is ready to serve a family who loves to travel abroad. You are about to get around $50.000 as a medical treatment coverage. They know that evacuation is a complicated and expensive process. Because of that, the company is also ready to give you up to $500.000 for an evacuation coverage. The coverage is including a cover for the baggage delays, free coverage for kids under 18 years old, and many more. Indeed, the company will protect your beloved family while traveling.

John Hancock

Talking about the best insurance company for travelers, John Hancock is included on the list of insurance companies. Most solo travelers love to use the insurance plans offered by this company because they can read and understand the contract right away. There will be no complicated contract points. The point is that the insurance company is offering the policy as simple as it can. As the result, you can really understand about what you get and what you don’t get from the insurance plans you take. The coverage is including trip cancellation, flight delay, medical coverage, and many more. You can choose the best coverage suit for you by selecting one of the packages available. This company is a popular insurance company because you are not only supported by great coverage but also a great customer service. Those professional customer services will guide you to get the best travel insurance coverage and use it in the right way for maximal benefits. Solo travelers need to consider taking the plans from John Hancock for more safe and comfortable traveling.


IMG is also a recommended insurance company for travelers. The main reason is that the company has great packages for the travelers. The package is designed for travelers who love to travel abroad. As the result, you will get and use an effective insurance plan and coverage. Everything is useful and there will be no useless plans. This is also a good insurance company, especially for those who love to do an extreme sport during the traveling. Just imagine what might happens while doing the extreme sport. That’s why the travelers will get coverage for search and rescue if there is something bad happens. You can take the services offered by IMG if you are a traveler who loves to do scuba diving, skiing, rock climbing, and many more. Definitely, IMG has to be included on the list of insurance companies which understand their insurers more than the other ordinary insurance companies out there.   

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